A movement of students & faculty to launch witnessing communities on all 70 campuses in Greater Los Angeles

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God is still calling students to reach every corner of every campus

With over 1 million students on over 70 campuses in our mission field, our vision is to establish a witnessing community on every campus in the four counties of Greater Los Angeles — Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County and Los Angeles County.

We are committed to equip students, faculty, and volunteers to reach our campuses for Christ.

Reaching Students

We are ministering among 1500 students in the four counties of Greater Los Angeles, equipping them to reach their friends with the gospel.

Renewing Campuses

We are focused on planting new ministries on all of our campuses. Today we are on 26 campuses.

Developing World Changers

Our alumni are the fruit of our ministry. As we graduate disciples into the world, we will see renewal in all aspects of society.

“God showed me that we are all sinners and that God has the power to break us, but then to redeem and fill us with joy. God also gave me a community in which I can express my vulnerability.”

— Student at CSU Fullerton

How we minister

Manuscript Bible Study

We let Scripture speak to us and teach students and faculty to study Scripture for transformation.

Small Group Community

We launch small group missional communities to give every corner of the campus an opportunity to encounter Jesus.

Cross-Cultural Outreach

We equip students and faculty to engage in cross-cultural relationships.

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Our mission field