We invite you to join with us to see the campuses of Greater Los Angeles reached with the gospel of Jesus. Will you join us in longing for revival on all of our campuses and see a movement that calls every corner of every campus to know Jesus? If so, we want to connect further with you. We are looking for staff and volunteers in all aspects of our campus ministry. We currently have volunteers who are:

  • Praying for campuses and students
  • Assisting us with the resources to reach new students in the fall
  • Planting a new ministry on an unreached campus
  • Mentoring students
  • Speaking, teaching and training students in the mission
  • Hosting students in your home for retreats

If you would to join our team as a campus ministry intern or campus staff minister, you can get more information here.

Will you join the movement to reach students and faculty on all 70 campuses in Greater Los Angeles?