See, I’m doing a new thing – GLA Regional Staff Conference

Everything you need to know about regionals

  1. Schedule
  2. Spiritual Formation Guide for Monday. If you would like a primer on prayer retreat days, check out this resource from Steve Stuckey.
  3. Zoom Link (Meeting ID: 848 7331 7186) for all general sessions
  4. Zoom Link (Meeting ID: 87801794172) for Prayer gathering on Wednesday and Thursday at 8am
  5. Regarding Beach Day: As you remember, our initial schedule had us meet at a beach on Tuesday afternoon. After further discussion, the RLT decided to scrap it and find other ways to connect us socially.
  6. If you wanted to tag the region, the IG handle for the region is @greaterLA.InterVarsity
  7. A list of triads
  8. Reflection form
  9. Upload your art
  10. Flipgrid for Ken
  11. Words of encouragement for Sam
  12. IV Worship
  13. Meet-Ups on Wednesday August 5
    • 1.30pm – 3pm: Zoom Link (Meeting ID: 95106429794) for “Discipling Students to be advocates of racial justice”
    • 1.30pm – 3pm: Zoom Link (Meeting ID: kenzellzoom) for “Developing a rule of life during the pandemic”
    • 1.30pm – 3pm: Zoom Link (Meeting ID: 7762387827) for “Doing Evangelism Online” (offered 2x)
    • 3.30pm – 5pm: Zoom Link (Meeting ID: 4365957704) for “Leading campus ministry as a woman of color”
    • 3.30pm – 5pm: Zoom Link (Meeting ID: 95402457323) for “Best ideas for online NSO engagement”
    • 3.30pm – 5pm: Zoom Link (Meeting ID: 96980764203) for “Doing Evangelism online”

July 5, 2020
We are excited to host you and be with one another August 3-6 for our Regional Staff Conference online. As we prepare for a new school year, we recognize the new set of challenges and opportunities. Our theme will be “See, I am doing a new thing” out of Isaiah 43 as we collectively long for revival on all 70 campuses in Greater Los Angeles.

  1. The conference will begin at 9am on Monday August 3 and go through Thursday August 6 at 10.30am. Though our time together is fairly limited, we encourage you to not schedule things outside of the conference.
  2. Make sure you register by Friday July 17 or below if it works on your device.
  3. You can look at the schedule here.
  4. Any updates on what you need for the conference will be done on this page (including zoom links, etc).